We are Katherine and Amy, girl mamas from Columbus, Ohio and best friends for over a decade. We are excited to finally share anthology collective with you! 

Meet Katherine, Hadley + Elle:

  • Mama to Hadley + Elle
  • Married to my high school sweetheart (we started dating when we were 15 and have been together for almost 16 years)
  • Enneagram 3, the Achiever and always working on my next project
  • Cat mama of 3
  • Maid of Honor in Amy's wedding, but gave birth to Hadley the day before
  • Hadley (3) is a firecracker and Elle (1) is super chill. Watching them play and laugh together makes all the hard times as a mom of 2 worth it. They both currently have a slight obsession with Cocomelon.

Meet Amy + Birdie:

  • Mama to Birdie
  • Reality TV junkie
  • Enneagram 2 and INFP, the Helper
  • Dog + cat mom
  • Maid of Honor in Katherine's wedding
  • Birdie (1) is a free spirited, wild child. She currently loves Elmo and will stop crying the second she hears "Elmo's Song".